Business Tourism, Business Consulting & Business Support in the United Kingdom

Digamma Company was established in 2005 to fill a need for outsourced expertise in business tourism, business consulting and business investment solutions for small and medium business in the UK. We guarantee professional approach and expert services in a pleasant and easy manner – the British way of making business relations.

VIP Service in Tourism

VIP-tourism has become one of the core activities of Digamma Company, it is becoming increasingly popular, attracting more and more customers every year.

Elite tourism involves very special conditions of a tour. Digamma Tourist Experts offer elite tailor-made vacation packages to individual needs and preferences.

VIP service in tourism means custom duration of the tour, self-selected route and of course, maximum comfort throughout the trip.

Our experienced specialists will choose individual route and programme, guided solely by your preferences and tastes.

Business Tourism

One of the main priorities of Digamma Company is organization of corporate holidays, corporate events, business meetings,...

Individual Tours

We have individual approach to travel, as well as freedom of choice, independence and top-class service. VIP's: An experienced...

VIP Service in Tourism

VIP-tourism has become one of the core activities of Digamma Company, it is becoming increasingly popular, attracting more...

Business Projects

Business advise specialists of Digamma Company implement integrated business projects and provide business consulting to the companies developing international business.

Our business development experts help organizing vocational training in various areas of the economy, strategic development, production management and organization of various types of corporate events ..

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Business Immigration to Great Britain

Бизнес Иммиграция

The UK Immigrant Investor Program was created by the UK Government in 1994 to attract high net worth individuals and their families to immigrate by making a substantial investment in the UK. For many high net worth individuals, the “Investor” category is the option they decide to pursue.

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Tourism in the UK

Traditions, culture, history and unique charm of the Great Britain attracts tourists from all over the world. Abundance of attractions and variety of museums, representing british cultural heritage, cause endless interest to the country.

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Edication in the UK

Studying in the UK - is a great opportunity to learn English, acquire professional skills and learn about life of the country from within. It is considered that good education and British education are synonymous.

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Business in the UK

In the UK, foreign nationals do not pay taxes on income earned outside the country. Many successful investors have used their excellent opportunities in promising directions of the UK's economy.

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