Learn English in Britain

Learn English in Britain

Why Learn English in the UK?

The answer is simple: England is the home of the English language and therefore what better place than the UK to improve your knowledge of the world’s most international language.

History states that there were many different dialects within Britain but the situation changed about 500 years ago and its best that you understand how the language evolved to what it is today. English language started to be codified and standardised and evolved to be known as “the Queen's English” and sometimes as “Oxford English” or even “BBC English” in more recent times. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as, "the English language as regarded as under the guardianship of the Queen; hence, standard or correct English”. Therefore it would be of immense satisfaction for you to know that, by learning English in UK, you are embracing the true standard of the English language, which is used universally as we know it today.

The UK is popularly known to be home to some of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in the world for studying the English language. Your immersion and active involvement in the country and culture will rapidly improve your language skills and therefore greatly increase your employability factor; therefore studying English in UK is the optimal way to learn the language. There is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to be immersed in a culture that speaks the language you are learning. You are most undoubtedly surrounded by the language on a daily basis and experiencing it in the proper cultural context. Language learning happens most quickly under these circumstances.

Britain enjoys a highly covetous reputation for providing English language learning opportunities not just for it s own citizens but also for students from all corners of the globe. British educational qualifications are probably more universally regarded and accepted than those of any other country.

Studying English in the UK will also help you gain valuable experience of speaking English its native country. English, of course, being the main interface of global business, technical and scientific communication.

The British language education system is highly regarded and respected around the world. A qualification received by a British Institution can therefore be seen as an asset. There are an abundance of schools that specialize in teaching English with a variety of qualifications that are important for admission to University. In order to be sure of the credibility of a language school, there are a number of organizations that control the quality of teaching and the welfare of students. Make sure that the institution you choose to attend in the UK provides the qualification which is accredited by the British Council. This gives you the guarantee that the chosen language school is an accredited institution and you will undoubtedly will have the satisfaction of a higher return of investment in whatever profession that you choose as a career.

Language Programmes in England

Summer School Programme for Juniors

City of Bristol Colledge

Bristol College Green Centre

The college has excellent teaching and learning facilities and is located in the city centre, in a thriving are near the quay. It is just a short walk from the city’s best amenities, shopping and sightseeing areas.

The price of the package includes:

  • Full board accommodation Sunday to Saturday
  • 20 lessons of English language tuition per week (15 hours)
  • Full and half day teacher accompanied excursions (mid-week and Saturday)
  • Full activity programme
  • Bus pass
  • Three meals per day

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Tourism in the UK

Traditions, culture, history and unique charm of the Great Britain attracts tourists from all over the world. Abundance of attractions and variety of museums, representing british cultural heritage, cause endless interest to the country.

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Edication in the UK

Studying in the UK - is a great opportunity to learn English, acquire professional skills and learn about life of the country from within. It is considered that good education and British education are synonymous.

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Business in the UK

In the UK, foreign nationals do not pay taxes on income earned outside the country. Many successful investors have used their excellent opportunities in promising directions of the UK's economy.

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