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Today golf is, perhaps, the most prestigious sport. Many individuals in the world consider golf as a part of personal image. Say, golf sticks at the back of a car may tell about their owner more than the make of the car.

The game essence remained at all times invariable — hit balls into a series of holes on a golf course using the fewest number of strokes. Surprisingly, the whole ethics of golf defines behavior in everyday life of those who choose golf rather than any other game.

Golf is more than a game. It is a lifestyle and state of mind. Statistically, about a third of world golf clubs' members do not play at all, their club membership serves their image and business communication. it is not a secret that majority of transactions in the West are discussed at a golf course.

Undoubtedly, to feel fascination and passion for golf, it is essential once to appear at the golf course. To estimate all advantages of golf, it is most desirable to play it in Great Britain, in the homeland of golf, presented to the world this remarkable game, the country with rich history, culture and traditions. For instance, one can play in the well-known golf club St Andrews in Scotland where in the XV century first tournament on golf took place. A small town wan named after the patron of the city, St Andrew, is today's Mecca for golf fans from all over the world.

Our golf rounds are developed for both experienced golfist, and for those who only dream to play golf. Britain has a huge choice of golf resorts – only Scotland has about 500 highest level golf courses. Wales also gains a popularity of golf, today over 200 courses presented there. There are more than 1500 golf courses in Britain! And each of them has its charm.

Golf courses in England are famous for magnificent landscapes. Having lodged in a beautiful hotel castle located in a picturesque place, having falconry in the morning, a golf round in the evening and a pleasure of a relaxing spa, you can feel the true spirit of aristocratic England.

Areas of golf resorts in England are real mini-cities where spirit of aristocracy and passion reigns: smooth green fields combining park style and classical "lynx" (woody sites with century oaks and open glades), snow-white golf cars, beautiful lakes...

As a rule, most of golf golf resorts have golf academy, stables, car park of cars for mountain trips and tennis courts. Some clubs are famous for falconry school on their territory. You may not only play golf, but also cycling, fishing, shooting or hunting. And in the evening restaurants offer tasty dishes and organise tasting sessions of exclusive grades of whisky.

We offer you to feel golf in be inspired by its elegance, to open new talents and possibilities, and enjoy a pleasure of truly royal England.

Call Digamma today, get unforgettable golf travel experience at remarkable British golf clubs with programmes tailored to your individual tastes, preferences and budget!

History of Golf

history of golf

The origins of golf are unclear and much debated. However, it is generally accepted that modern golf evolved in Scotland during the Middle Ages. The game did not find international popularity until the late 19th century, when it spread into the rest of the United Kingdom and then to the British Empire. Golfers would hit a pebble instead of a ball around the sand dunes using a stick or club.

Some historians believe that Kolven from Holland and Chole from Belgium influenced the game. The latter was introduced into Scotland in 1421. However while these games and countless others are stick and ball games, they are missing that vital ingredient that is unique to golf - the hole. Whatever the argument, there can be no dispute that Scotland gave birth to the game we know as golf today.

Golf's status and popularity quickly spread throughout the 16th century due to it's royal endorsement. King Charles I popularised the game in England and Mary Queen of Scots, who was French, introduced the game to France while she studied there. Indeed the term 'caddie' stems from the name given to her helpers who were the French Military, known in french as cadets.

The first written record of golf is James II's banning of the game in 1457, as an unwelcome distraction to learning archery. To many golfers, the Old Course at St Andrews, a links course dating to before 1574, is considered to be a site of pilgrimage.

Through the ages many advances have been made in the construcion of golf clubs and the ball. Club heads were made from beech wood and some heads were made from hand-forged iron. Shafts were mainly hazel wood or ash. Balls were made from compressed feathers enveloped in a stitched horse-hide sphere.

Since most golf apparatus was handcrafted it was, therefore, quite uneconomical and golf was dominated by the wealthy. Once metal club heads and shafts and gutta percha balls began being mass produced, the normal person was able to afford golf.

Golf Tour Programmes

Learn to Play Golf

5 days / 4 nights: 2 counties Surrey & Kent.

golf events in Surrey and Kent

Game takes place at the fields of the world famous JAMES ANDREWS SCHOOL OF GOLF. The school has advanced courses for players of various levels. Training programme usually takes 2 - 5 days and carried out weekly.

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Experienced Golf Players: Golf & Spa

golf events in Sussex

5 days / 4 nights: 2 counties Surrey и Kent.

Golf Play and accommodation at SELSDON PARK HOTEL & GOLF CLUB and at EAST SUSSEX NATIONAL GOLF RESORT & SPA known for the championships and world famous golfers.

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VIP Golf Tour

golf events in South East England

6 days / 5 nights: 2 Castles and golf play at finest golf courses (South West England).

BOVEY CASTLE is located close to Bournemouth - the city with a wide choice of hotels and multiple golf courses of small radius. You can combine castle accommodation along with a pleasure of enjoying beautiful nature of Dartmoor National park and play golf under the supervision of professionals.

golf events in South East England

MANOR HOUSE AT CASTLE is located near to Bath known from antiquity as a balneal resort.

golf events in South East England

It is a Castle-Hotel of the 15th century located in magnificent green reserved space. The historical castle retained original centuries-old features: beds under a canopy, independent baths and open fireplaces. The golf course in vicinity of the castle is one of the 15 finest golf courses of Great Britain.

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Tourism in the UK

Traditions, culture, history and unique charm of the Great Britain attracts tourists from all over the world. Abundance of attractions and variety of museums, representing british cultural heritage, cause endless interest to the country.

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Edication in the UK

Studying in the UK - is a great opportunity to learn English, acquire professional skills and learn about life of the country from within. It is considered that good education and British education are synonymous.

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Business in the UK

In the UK, foreign nationals do not pay taxes on income earned outside the country. Many successful investors have used their excellent opportunities in promising directions of the UK's economy.

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